Honor MagicBook Pro: Advantages And Disadvantages

There is no such thing as a perfect laptop. Even with the high-end series, there are always trade-offs. The Honor MagicBook Pro is one of those laptops that has drawn a lot of attention since its introduction. To get a better sense of this laptop we have made this list of all the pros and cons of owning a Magic Book Pro laptop.

The Pros

  • Great price/performance ratio: Not many other laptops pack such powerful hardware and cost as little as the Honor MagicBook Pro. 
  • You get free windows 10. There is also Office 365, but it is only a trial version that expires after 30 days of activation. 
  • The MagicBook Pro weighs 1.7 kg which is lightweight considering this is a 16-inch laptop. 
  • The Ryzen 5 4600H is the heart of the MagicBook Pro Laptop and it is a great processor. It’s based on the Zen2 architecture and its AMD chip features six cores that have their own two cores. Thanks to its Turbo Boost, the processor can reach 4GHz which is by all standards excellent. 
  • The MagicBook Pro comes with a Radeon RX Vega 6 GPU which scored quite well on its gaming tests, even with some modern games. According to their testers, you can even play GTA V which is considered AAA game. However, you will need to dial back a bit on the graphics. On the other hand, if DOTA is your poison, then the MagicBook Pro will deliver all that is needed. 
  • The 16GB DDR4 RAM and the 512 GB SSD are perfectly in line with the Ryzen 5 4600H processor and ensure that your multitasking doesn’t suffer at any given moment.
  • The 56-watt battery can deliver almost 12 hours of web surfing with the occasional YouTube videos. During this test, its display was set at 50%. In this regard, the MagicBook Pro battery enters the high end of the scale.

The Cons

  • The MagicBook Pro laptop comes with an excellent 16GB DDR4 RAM, but you can’t have extend it further. So, if you plan to use high-end software that requires more RAM, the MagicBook Pro is not the right fit for you. 
  • The pop-out camera looks a bit odd and not everyone likes its appearance. 
  • There is no numerical keyboard which is a downer. The overall opinion is that they should’ve made the effort to add it to the main keyboard. 
  • Its processor can achieve 4GHz, but only for a limited period after which the CPU dials back to 3.7 GHz, whereas its basic core clock is set at 3 GHz. 

All in All

It all comes down to your needs and the stuff for which you plan to use your new laptop. If you need it for remote learning, light gaming, surfing the web, watching movies, or even coding, the MagicBook Pro won’t disappoint you. On the other hand, if you work with high-end visual effects or you plan to set up virtual machines on your laptop, then you might need to look for another, a bit more expensive laptop with better GPU and more RAM.