The free app „Biennale Map Venice“

No more getting lost at the Venice Biennale!

Are you planning to travel to the Bienniale Arte Venice which will take place in the period of May 11th to November 25th 2019? Or you can‘t find the pavillion you would like to see? Then you are on the right track with our App „Biennale Map Venice“ which you can download for free!

The App includes a navigation system, which makes it easy for you to find the locations you want to see. You will be able to  see more Art in less time and get more impressions of the Biennale Arte Venice.

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The creators are not affiliated with LaBiennaleDiVenezia, but with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover, Germany.

Developer: Leon Rostek, Weblab, Hochschule Hannover

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Schult, Hochschule Hannover, Fakultät III, Expo Plaza 12, 30539 Hannover, Germany

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